About Me

I am an assistant professor in the CSE Department at Pennsylvania State University–University Park. I am affiliated with the Institute for Computational and Data Sciences and the Center for Socially Responsible Artificial Intelligence. Previously, I was a postdoctoral scholar in the EECS department at UC Berkeley. I received my Ph.D. degree from the computer science department at Boston University.

My research focuses on deep learning, computer vision and natural language processing, particularly in the area of action understanding in the video. The goal of my research is building robust action understanding algorithms with human-level structural knowledge and efficient multi-modal supervision. To achieve this goal, my research touches the following two aspects: compositional action recognition with knowledge reasoning, and multi-modal action detection with less supervision.

Prospective students: We have openings for Ph.D. students and visiting scholars with backgrounds in computer vision, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics or computer graphics. Interested candidates can send your CV and transcripts to hkx5063@psu.edu